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The Regional Transportation Data Clearinghouse (RTDC) is the online resource for transportation data, maps and applications from the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB). Over the years, staff has collected transportation data from various sources, primarily member jurisdictions, state agencies, and transit authorities. The data have been organized and presented here in an open format to improve access and data sharing between TPB members and other users in the region. The RTDC content is organized and maintained on ArcGIS Online. The Clearinghouse content is presented in and organized into many products, listed below. New data products will be added as they become available.

Data Catalog

View the RTDC Data Catalog
Users can explore the RTDC's content in several different ways. Data in the RTDC is organized by key word tags that describe the contents of the dataset. Enter a key word in the Search map window above, or use the list to the left to search by data type. Users can browse tables, identify features, and filter results prior to downloading data.

RTDC Data Viewer

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The datasets of the RTDC have been assembled into a stand-alone application, embedded below. Browse data by turning on/off layers and clicking on features to open the pop-up menus displaying attribute data. Use the widgets to explore datasets. This application is in development and will be updated frequently.


RTDC applications utilize web maps packaged as stand-alone web applications that open in their own window. Often these applications are built for a specific project or program. Each application has specific data layers and functionality that is applicable to the presentation of the data shown. The RTDC contains several applications that feature a single or group of related data. New applications will be added as they become available.
Click here to view the available web applications.

This ArcGIS Online web map gallery contains several web maps created with RTDC content. These web maps can be edited and customized and then saved by users, or they can be shared in their current view. This gallery is under construction-- new content will be uploaded periodically.

Click here to view the RTDC Web Map Gallery